On January 21 Monday morning a group of soldiers of at least 40 people rose an armed rebellion in order to stage a military coup d’état.

According to the statement of the country’s military department, all the participants have been attributed to the command of the region 43 of National Guard. The rebels seized the weapons threatening to kill four hostages – two civil servants and two guards.

According to the local media, the military captured the National Guard’s headquarters in the West of the country during the revolt. They say that the rebellion was caused by the disagreement with the government of Nicolas Maduro.

For the time being, all the rebels are detailed; they’re testifying to the intelligence agencies. There’re internet troubles in the Western part of Caracas.

These events unfold against the background of the political and economic crisis in Venezuela as well as the non-acceptance of 2018 election results by practically all countries of the western hemisphere. Thus, the Organization of the American States, which includes 35 countries of North and South America, refused to give formal recognition to Nicolas Maduro as the country’s President. The USA also shares this view imposing sanctions and putting pressure on Caracas.