10 peacekeepers were killed and 25 injured as a result of an attack in the northern part of Mali.

The UN Secretary General António Guterres strongly condemned the attack on the peacekeeper’s camp at Aguelhoc. The dead and injured come from Chad.

According to the local residents, the attackers came by cars and motorcycles. Some of the militants have been killed.

At present, there’re other extremist groups in Western Africa affiliated with the Islamic State apart from Al-Qaida. The UN peacekeeping mission of 15000 people together with the army of Mali counters these groups. Also, French contingent and a recently formed five-nation coalition of West African countries are present in the region as measures to combat the jihadists.

Peacekeepers from Chad working in Mali make headlines more often than others due to the attacks of the militants. 51 Chadian peacekeepers had died by the end of the year 2018.