Cameroon’s authorities have deported more than 9000 Nigerian refugees traveling to Cameroon to seek asylum after the attack on the town of Rann in northeast Nigeria carried out by the militants of the Islamic terror organization Boko Haram.

It is mentioned in the statement of Hajer Naili, a former Regional Communications Adviser in Central and West Africa that the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is worried over the violence in northeast Nigeria that has continued to send thousands fleeing their homes.

The fact of asylum refusal by Cameroon’s authorities is even more alarming.

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has urged Nigerian and Cameroonian authorities to provide immediate assistance to thousands of Nigerian civilians fleeing violence.

The forced return of civilians to areas of violence is a breach of international and regional agreements guarantying the protection of refugee’s rights.

Currently, there is no aid organization left in Rann to make an accurate assessment of the number of those affected and their needs.

SourceDailypost NG