The US will send an additional 2,000 troops to its border with Mexico. Thus, the total number of troops stationed on the southern border will amount to nearly 4,300 people.

The Pentagon said the soldiers would help border-patrol agents. They will carry out surveillance work till the end of September 2019 and will be installing 150 meters of razor wire between the crossing points.

All in all, 3,750 extra soldiers would be sent to the border within 90 days. Many of them will replace troops already there since November.

US President Donald Trump calls these events a part of a campaign to combat illegal migration and has repeatedly described the situation at the Mexican border as “crisis”, although his critics in Congress believe these statements populistic.

Trump is trying to convince the lower house of Congress, which is now controlled by his Democratic opponents, to include the building of a Mexican wall in the US budget. Disagreements between the President and the Congress led to the longest government shutdown in US history.

Last month, Trump agreed to conclude a temporary deal with the Congress to start the government’s work but threatened to repeat the situation or declare a state of emergency in the country if his demands are not met. The temporary agreement expires on February 15.

Source: BBC