The US Senate spoke out if favor of intelligence’s statement that the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and suspension of military operation in Syria could allow the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Qaeda (the organizations forbidden in Russia) to re-group and bring back the contested territories.

The amendment backed by the majority of senators contradicts Donald Trump’s plan to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan and condemns President’s decision.

The measure was sponsored by a Republican Mitch McConnell, who said he “acknowledges the plain fact that al-Qaeda, ISIS and their affiliates in Syria and Afghanistan continue to pose a serious threat to our nation”.

Thus, both the Democrats and the Republicans rebuked the President with one voice.

The amendment, opposed by only three of the 53 Senate Republicans, will eventually be incorporated into a broader security bill on the Middle East which will be voted on later this week.

Earlier in December 2018, Trump, surprising even his allies in the Senate, tweeted about his plans to remove 2,000 US troops out of Syria, arguing that ISIS had been defeated, even though his intelligence chiefs testified last week that the group’s fighters remain a serious threat and are seeking a comeback.

The president has also vowed to pull half of the contingent from Afghanistan, where Washington has had a military presence since its 2001 invasion.

SourceAl Jazeera