Athens informed the Skopje MFA on the ratification of the Prespa Agreement and the treaty on North Macedonia joining the NATO. Today, the agreement to change the name of the former Yugoslav Republic officially came into force. This was announced by Deputy Foreign Minister of Greece Yorgos Katrungalos.

“With the exchange of verbal notes, the Prespa Spanish Agreement entered into force. A new era of stability and cooperation with Northern Macedonia begins,” the diplomat wrote on his Twitter page.

Skopje’s foreign minister, Nikola Dimitrov, added that Greece and Northern Macedonia cannot change their past, but are capable of shaping a new future based on the principles of partnership and cooperation.

A number of amendments to the Constitution of the Republic, adopted by Parliament on 11 January came into force together with the Prespa Agreement. All of them are connected with the official renaming of the country. In addition, the government should inform about it all international organizations Skopje is a member of.

The row between Greece and Macedonia lasted 27 years. After the breakup of Yugoslavia, the latter joined the UN as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Athens, in turn, sent a protest note to the organization and the Foreign Ministry of Skopje, since Macedonia is the northern region of Greece occupying more than 25% of the country’s territory.