The chemical attack in the town of Douma in April 2018 following which the USA, the UK, and France targeted SAR was staged, wrote BBC Syria Producer Riam Dalati on his Twitter.

Some non-governmental organizations including White helmets reported about the application of chemical weapons in Syrian Douma by the governmental army on April 7. The assessment initiated by the representatives of Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria found no traces of the dangerous chemicals. Nevertheless, Washington, London, and Paris attacked SAR launching 103 cruise missiles on the night of April 14 without the authority of the UN Security Council.

The blow was targeted against the research and development centre at Damascus, Syrian air defence base as well as a number of airfields and army stocks. There could’ve been much more damage, however, Syrian air defence managed to hit 71 missiles.

Only after the attack, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons started investigating the incident. The specialists from the organisation arrived at the spot of the alleged chemical attack and claimed in June 2018 that they didn’t find signs of nerve-agents. However, there were some chlorine traces discovered. BBC Syria initiated an assessment following the OPCW interim report. Following the investigation, Dalati wrote that after working almost half a year he failed to find proof for the application of chemical weapons. He was sure the attack was staged with an aim to slander the government. Moreover, there were no deaths in the allegedly attacked hospital.