President Trump is ready to take any measures to build so well-promoted by him Mexican border wall even declaring a state of emergency in the country. He thinks that it is a barrier that will be able to “stop the humanitarian crisis” but in fact, it has become an actual symbol of the 45th head of the White House.

TASS reports on what exactly is the border and why it is needed.

Trump started talking of the “great” wall on the border with Mexico back in 2016. That is, at the very beginning of their election campaign. And he still assures his supporters that the barrier will be able to protect Americans from “drug dealers and bad guys.” But by 2019, the project still hasn’t progressed.

In 2017 already, the US President ordered to start the construction, and in August of that year, he was presented with four companies that were engaged in the creation of samples. In the autumn of 2017, the organizations started building eight wall samples, four of which were made of concrete and others of an unknown material.

After the death of a border patrol officer at the Mexican frontier, Trump’s intentions to finish the project only solidified, and he wrote, “We must build this wall, and we will!”

The length of the border between Mexico and the United States is in total 3100 km. Trump also planned to build a 1,609 km long wall, which will close the free space left after a similar project of George W. Bush.

However, the idea of 45 US President is not popular with Americans. On the contrary, he had to face a wave of criticism. Democrats, environmentalists, Mexican authorities and civil society urge Trump to abandon the project. Moreover, Mexico City refused to finance the construction, and also the longest government “shutdown” in the entire history of the country began due to the violent clashes between the President and the Democratic Party.

The issue is that in 2019 only $ 1.3 billion in total was allocated from the US budget on border protection, while Trump wanted to get $ 5.7 billion to build the wall. The parties have failed to agree, and then work of a number of ministries and departments was suspended.

The shutdown lasted for 35 days, and on February 14 the US Congress approved the draft law on funding the US federal government until September 2019. However, Trump still was given only 1.37 billion for the construction, not 5.7 billion, as he wanted, and now the President is threatening to declare a state of emergency in the United States in order to allocate already $ 8 billion from the budget.

It’s very easy to answer a question why Trump needs this wall which unravels him with the Democrats even more and lowers his ratings among the citizens.  The wall has acquired a symbolic meaning for the President, he talked about it far too much.

There’re just two years left until the end of Trump’s term and he needs a certain breakthrough so he could have an opportunity to be reelected. The President’s behavior in this project depends directly on the “political points” that he can earn. Finished construction of the wall will be a triumph for him, and the absence of the wall will confirm his uselessness at the head of the state.