Brexit negotiations have reached their critical point and a political deadlock can only be overcome if the UK and EU have trust for one another. This was the statement of British MFA head Jeremy Hunt during a meeting with the leaders of the EU Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

In his opinion, the trust of both parties is needed to find a way that will receive Parliament’s support as the relations of London and all the European neighbours for the next 25 years are at stake. The TASS agency reports.

If the parties will eventually fail to agree with a no-deal Brexit happening, it could result in unpleasant consequences for both the British economy and the exporters supplying goods to the island. The situation exacerbated when on Thursday, February 14, the UK Parliament refused to support the PM Theresa May’s initiative on Brexit.

Despite the fact that the previous voting does not affect the result, it can exert pressure on the Cabinet regarding the issue of the country’s withdrawal from the EU.

British Parliament is reluctant in its support for the draft Brexit agreement with the EU signed on November 25, unless the amendments on the “backstop” mechanism are not made. It is designed to prevent the separation of Northern Ireland and Ireland by a physical border. However, the head of the European Council Donald Tusk recently said that the European Union does not intend to revise the agreement.

Theresa May, in her tern, intends to visit Brussels this week to “achieve amendments to the backstop plan from the EU authorities”. She also said that in the near future she will hold telephone talks on Brexit with all the EU leaders.