On Monday during the Polish Radio broadcast the head of the Polish government office Mikhail Dvorchik said that his country could completely refuse from taking part in the meeting of Visegrád Group (V4 – Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Check Republic) and Israel on Tuesday in Jerusalem due to the Israeli MFA head remarks on Polish antisemitism.

Earlier, Prime Minister Mateusz Moravetsky canceled his trip to Jerusalem due to the statements of Benjamin Netanyahu that the Poles collaborated with the Nazis during the Second World War.

Moravetsky’s decision was to “show all foreign partners that the historical truth and the protection of the good name of Poland and the Polish people are fundamental things for the Polish government,” noted Dvorchik.

Commenting on the situation with the Prime Minister Israeli MFA head said that “The Poles absorbed anti-Semitism with mother’s milk” adding that no one has a right to tell Israel how to honour their fallen. “We have encountered a reprehensible claim by the new Israeli Foreign Minister. In the light of this statement, any participation the Polish state representatives in the V4 summit in Israel appears to be very questionable,” said the head of the Polish government office.