In an interview to the Kleine Zeitung paper, Austrian Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that possible repatriation of the Austrians that have joined the Islamic State terror organization (forbidden in Russia) from Syria to the EU threatens the Austrian citizens’ security.

“I view it [the situation] as France, Denmark, and the UK, namely that protection of our own population remains the highest priority, especially from those who are accused of serious crimes,” quotes Kurz the newspaper.

The Chancellor also noted that the cases of Austrians’ participation in the terror crimes are few, but added that they “will examine each individual case together with the relevant agencies.”

On Saturday, US President Donald Trump urged the EU to take back and bring to justice more than 800 of its citizens who had previously joined the IS and later were captured in Syria by the US forces, as well as their partners and allies. On February 20, Sebastian Kurz and Donald Trump will hold talks in the United States during which they will discuss US-Austria relations, new opportunities for transatlantic cooperation, as well as consider energy security issues.