On Monday AFP agency with reference to the Kurd’s representative Aldar Halil reported that Syrian Kurds asked European counties not to leave the region after the victory over the Islamic State terror group (forbidden in Russia) but, conversely, provide assistance in the creation of international force in the north-east of the country by the Turkish border.

Khalil said that “these countries have political and moral obligations <…> If they do not comply with them, they abandon us [Kurds],” adding that they “will have to negotiate with the Syrian regime to send their military to the border with Turkey, if the EU states and the US refuse to provide protection to the Kurds. On December

19 last year, Donald Trump announced his decision to begin the withdrawal of US troops from Syria; it was expected to take from 60 to100 days. However, later the withdrawal schedule was changed by the Pentagon’s order. Around 2 thousand American soldiers are currently deployed in Syria.