Talking to TASS journalists, the opposition party representatives in the National Assembly of Venezuela said that they hope for a peaceful resolution of the political crisis in the country, however, it doesn’t mean they plan to refuse from the early presidential election.  

“This situation will be resolved,” said deputy of the National Assembly Stalin Gonzalez engaged in the preparation of the elections. “We do not in any way believe that the way out is to solve the problem by force. No one wants that.”

Nevertheless, Venezuelan opposition thinks that Nicolas Maduro is unlikely to decide to leave his post. “Of course, the situation is very difficult in the sense that the government does not understand that the power should change and that the loss of power does not mean the end of life, they believe that the loss of power is similar to death,” TASS’s source said.

“Both the Venezuelans and we in the National Assembly believe that negotiations would be the best option. We want to reach some kind of coordinated shift of power, which would be best for everyone,” said Juan Andrés Mejía, head of the Government Program Development Committee. However, he stressed that the opposition does not intend to compromise on the issue of early elections.

According to Gonzalez, the parliament is already preparing for the presidential elections. The major question is reassigning the National Electoral Committee (NEC), which the opposition considers illegitimate due to the fact that it was formed at the end of 2016 violating some constitutional procedures. For now, it’s difficult to talk about the timing of the elections, the vice-speaker notes.

Also, the opposition does not plan to keep Guaido in power indefinitely thus preserving the situation of political uncertainty in the country. “We don’t want Juan Guaido to become an “eternal” interim president, we want to hold elections as soon as possible,” Mejia said.

Commenting on the economic program, the Venezuelan official said that Russian companies would only benefit from a change of government in the country. “We need help from everyone who is willing to invest in Venezuela, we need a pragmatic approach for this assistance, not an ideological one,” noted Mejia. “In this sense, any Russian investments in Venezuela, any Chinese investments that have been or will be made in accordance with the law and the constitution must be respected. “

According to Mejia, the opposition will aim for “reconstruction the market economy”, restructuring foreign debt, restoring the oil sector, which, in his opinion, would require an expanded presence of private companies in the market.