China is developing   “microwave weapons” working on the principle of microwave radar stations. The project is managed by the Beijing Institute of Radio Measurement at the Chinese Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC).

According to the PRC government, they plan to apply this weapon in the fight against terrorism and while guarding state borders, Global Times paper reports.

The project is called “Microwave Active Deterrence System”. It is noted that this development cannot be called a weapon of mass destruction. It will be able to immobilize potential enemy, paralyzing the skin nerves thus causing pain.

The photos of the Chinese invention resembling an ordinary minibus appeared on the net. The developers claim that they have managed to create two types of their weapons – the first is able to neutralize one person, and the second – a group of people.

The project is currently at the testing stage which is controlled by several competent authorities. Despite the fact that the development is classified, it became known that the finished version of the equipment will be lightweight. Thus, it will be possible to use the “microwave weapon” for a wide range of tasks.

It’s worth noting that the new development will help China in the anti-terrorist struggle, which has become active in the past few years. Particular attention will be paid to the methods of preventing terror attacks in the preparatory phase.