In 2018 more than 3.8 thousand civilians were killed in Afghanistan, and over 7 thousand people were injured. This is a record figure for the country in the past decade.

This is according to the UN data recently published on the website of the organization. The total number of casualties among civilians amounts to 3804 people, 927 of whom are children. The mortality rate has increased by 5 percent compared with 2017.

The organization’s report indicates that 63 percent of the total number were killed or injured as a result of attacks by radical groups. Among these are the Taliban, the Islamic State and other militants, whose affiliation with any organization could not be determined.

In addition to this, it became known that 24% of the total number of dead and injured were victims of governmental operations. This involved the National Security Forces, the international armed forces and the militant formations.

Over the past 10 years, 32,000 civilians were killed in Afghanistan, another 60,000 sustained varying degrees of injuries. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet noted that the conflict in this country kills too many civilians and damages most part of the population.

He drew attention to the fact that too many children died in 2018, which is especially shocking. Besides, breaches in security prevent citizens from enjoying their rights, and thousands of children do not have the opportunity to lead a normal life as militants constantly attack schools, hospitals, and other institutions.

Against this background, the UN recommends anti-government elements to stop attacks against civilian population and property and also urges the conflicting parties to seize the indiscriminate use of weapons.