After being released from custody deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Nadiya Savchenko confirmed her intention to remain in politics. She returned to work in the Parliament, noting that she will continue to work as a “people’s deputy”.

Following her release, Ms Savchenko gave an interview, which was broadcast live on the 112 Ukraine TV channel. She said that she would continue to work as a people’s deputy because “she gave an oath to the Ukrainian people.”

The politician had already said that she was going to fight for seats in the next Parliament together with her party “Social and political platform of Nadiya Savchenko”.

During the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine the “people’s deputy” supported Vladimir Zelensky who gained, according to preliminary results, over 73% of votes.

“I will not join the opposition, it was enough for me, in fact, to read the program of the candidate: these are the points I stated three years ago,” – said Ms Savchenko.

It’s worth reminding that on April 16 the Brovarsky City and District Court of Kyiv Region released the politician as the term of her detention expired. Nadiya Savchenko is accused of preparing a terrorist attack after she spoke of “blowing up the Verkhovna Rada.” Back in 2018, on March 22, the Rada stripped her of parliamentary immunity and issued a permit for her arrest.

After that, the preventive measure was many times extended, and the judges recused themselves for unknown reasons. The next hearing in Savchenko’s case is scheduled for May 7.

It is quite obvious that Ms Savchenko was removed from big politics under a far-fetched charge, however, the populist moods, which she actually retransmitted in Rada, continued to grow. The victory of Vladimir Zelensky confirms that.

Ms Savchenko and her colleagues can provide useful support to the new President in putting pressure on the Verkhovna Rada and its Chairman Andriy Parubiy. The voters expect Mr Zelensky to dissolve the Rada and conduct early elections, however, it might be extremely difficult without the support of public representatives with a positive image. 

Currently, the best prospect awaiting Nadiya Savchenko is a less important role of the deputy of the new Verkhovna Rada than the one before the imprisonment, since an object of her criticism, Poroshenko, is no longer interesting, and the Verkhovna Rada is sure to face serious reshuffle and, perhaps, new interesting public politicians inspired by Mr Zelensky’s victory.