The Israelis were able to intercept several dozen missiles, using the “Iron Dome” system, the press service of the Israeli Defence Forces reported on Sunday.

The day before the situation on the Gaza strip boarder escalated again. A Palestinian sniper wounded two Israeli soldiers. In response to the attack, Israel shelled the positions of Hamas militants, killing two of them. Two more Palestinians were killed in the shelling of the border fence by the Israeli forces.

On Sunday, May 5, the fighting continues. Palestine and Israel are attacking each other. Hamas fired 450 rockets from the Gaza strip. Three Israeli soldiers were injured in the shelling.

In turn, the Israeli side, using tanks and aircraft, attacked more than 220 facilities of Palestinian militants. The Gaza strip reported four deaths. Among them, a 37-year-old woman and her one-year-old daughter.

This morning, Israel and Palestine agreed on a ceasefire. The Treaty was brokered by Egypt.

We wrote about the conflict in the Gaza strip on the eve of the Israeli elections to the Knesset in mid-April. It is obvious that the new escalation will be used by the conservatives led by Mr. Netanyahu to enhance their coalition against the background of the “Arab threat”. However, an attendant feature of the consolidation of conservatives is the excessive strengthening of radical Orthodox. Ending the conflict and easing the emotional tension in society remains the task of the Israeli government. A ceasefire can be considered a starting point but, unfortunately, not the statements of Mr. Netanyahu himself, «The campaign against Palestinian militants in the Gaza strip is not over and we are prepared to continue»