Mission and activity of the organization


Our primary goal is to promote building of equitable international institutions and practices.

To reach this goal, IAC identifies the following objectives:

  • development and consolidation of international cooperation;
  •  prevention of international and domestic conflicts;
  •  providing effective crisis management in the context of conflict underway.

Our fundamental principles are: unbiased position, independence and non- interference.


Our experts are members of scientific community working in the area of politics and sociology studies, as well as professional policy analysts. An extensive database of research methods, accumulated knowledge and contacts in this area allows us to develop an integrated approach to address the most diverse problems.


  • consultancy services for crisis management, to overcome political crises and restore stability;
  • sociological and geopolitical studies;
  • analytical research and creating subject-specific databases/infobases in a number of areas (international relations, electoral geography and crisis management) intended for public awareness raising;
  • running outreach events in support of the international dialogue, sharing expert experience in countering political crises and conflicts, as well as framing management decisions (conferences, round table discussions, seminars);
  • training of effective political leaders and specialists employed in politics, capable by their competence to identify the causes of crises, to prevent or assist in their resolution, and to restore political stability.